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Mnet to air two classic anime titles tonight

After months of teasing, Mnet, as part of it’s “anime month” will bring back a couple a fan favorite anime titles from the depths of obscurity. The first one, is the 1998 sci-fi series from Sunrise studio, Outlaw Star. Outlaw Star aired on Cartoon Network’s pre-adult swim days, and thus was one of the most heavily censored edited series at the time. Kyle Pope documented all of the cuts back in the day on, which has since been moved to the rec.arts.anime newsgroup. 1998 was the year of the “space-cowboy” sub-genre of ani,e. Sadly, OS was a very distant third most popular space cowboy series in the U.S. The other two, being Cowboy Bebop, and Trigun, respectively. (Cowboy Bebop is also made by Sunrise studio). A shame really, since OS definitely had its moments, and I would rate it at least on the same level as Trigun. The other series is another Sunrise studio productions, 2004’s My-Hime (aka: Mai-Hime). Beleive it or don’t, this has been broadcast in the States before – in 2008 on the ImaginAsian network (iatv), shortly before the channel went off the air (and replaced on my cable provider’s system by Mnet). The series has plenty of action, but it may be the closest thing America will have in regards to seeing any shojo (i.e.: a show that features and is geared towards young women) on its airwaves.

I should also mention that Cartoon Network’s adult swim is now airing one of 2010’s most popular anime series, Durarara!! It is sandwiched between new episodes of Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. This almost restores my faith in the network. Not only have they picked up an above-average series, they picked one that has only 25 episodes. (They tend to only pick up series that lasted at least 2 years, or roughly 50+ episodes minimum.) And with G4 airing anime adaptations of Marvel comic‘s Iron Man and Wolverine later this month, dare I say that anime in America may be making a comeback?


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