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Hey weatherperson, be grateful you’re even employed

Here’s a pet peeve of mine, the weather report on the local news. Since so many stations are facing budget cuts, I suggest cutting the meteorology department. Just about everything about the weather report irks me in some way. Every time there is a storm, you realize how overstaffed they are. That is because every person is outside at some random location. I have no idea why they don’t stay indoors. It’s not like anyone with a green screen and a high-speed fan can replicate severe weather conditions, (right Buffalo Wild Wings?) The storm coverage lasts longer than the storm itself. Then there’s the not so witty banter that’s forced between themselves and the anchors. It makes me question the social skills of all of th on-air talent. The only thing worse than the small talk is when they take personal ownership of the weather. It’s quite the paradox: the stations brag about the radar and satellite technology, yet the weather person takes the credit for the good weather, or apologizes for the bad weather as if he or she had absolute or even any sort of control. That delusion of grandeur has to be worse than the inability to segue from the local sports report or human interest story. But the worst part is when they talk about the temperature. Somehow, every weather person believes that any temperature that is not exactly the average daily highest temperature is way above or below normal. Apparently, their Standard Deviations are less than 0.5 of a degree. Remember, we’re talking degrees in Farenheit, not Celsius. Personally, a +/- 4 degrees from the average is well within my standards of normal. In the spring and summer, the highest temperature isn’t usually reached until the afternoon, and it only stays at that temperature for a few hours at the most. Then when the heat index, or during the winter – the wind chill, is factored, the temperature is rendered moot anyway. Yet the reading is given with such gravitas that the local investigation reports gives when there is slime in the ice machine of my local convenience store. It is yet another paradox. The bottom line is that they should learn from news radio. On the radio, there is no schtick, no banter, and we are given all the information we need to know in two minutes or less.


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