Vancouver- the Wild, Wild West

Last night, Vancouver “celebrated” their Game 7 Stanley Cup defeat by partying like it was 1994. The post-game riot overshadowed the game itself, which was a 4-0 ho-hum affair. The Canucks, as NBC commentator Brian Jones noted, were collectively out of gas, especially their defencemen. They were out-hustled by the Bruins from one end of the ice to the other. But no one is talking about the Bruins victory, or even the Canucks defeat. The actual ice hockey is an afterthought; just a mere prelude. Somehow, the rest of Canada must have seen this embarrassment coming, since hardly anyone east of British Columbia was rooting for Vancouver to win the Cup. This year’s Finals produced quite a strange dynamic, since many American outside of New England were rooting for Boston. It was a bizarro version of the Olympic Gold Medal hockey games between Canada and the U.S. I initially believed that this lack of pan-Canadianism was due to overwhelming loyalty to their own regional team. The Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs have so much tradition that their fans would root for any other team but their own. And while Calgary may lack the years and Cups as their eastern brethren, they hate the Vancouver Canucks more than anyone else. They just don’t feel that Vancouver is part of Canada. They see the city as more American than Canadian. I don’t think the United States would want Vancouver. Mainly because, if it was American, movie and television studios would no longer be able to afford to film there anymore.

Meanwhile, back on the east coast…

if anyone wants to see a quick resolution in the labor negotiations in the NFL and NBA it would be the Florida Marlins. I don’t think they want South Floridians to notice that they are in a tailspin, and have fallen to a fourth place tie in the NL East with the Washington Nationals. Lucky for them that Miami is a football town, first and foremost, and the Heat are a virtual reality show. But if there’s no Lebron, and there’s no Dolphins, and the University of Miami Hurricanes aren’t winning the ACC, folks will not want to go to their brand new stadium in 2012.


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