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Remembering Dr Jack

In honor of Dr Jack Kevorkian, who passed away the other day, I’d like to pay my respects by linking to one of my favorite songs of the 1990’s, a one-hit wonder that references “Dr Death” in the bridge. The song is “Sick and Beautiful” by the band Artificial Joy Club. I love the lyrics to this song. Every line is poetic genius.

Name that “C” band

When I was a teen, I was completely unaware of the music scene. It was quite ironic, since I had no access to cable TV during the era when MTV played videos. So when I had my grand musical awakening, I was overwhelmed by all of the new wave, alternative, and punk bands from the 1980’s. For a neophyte like I was back then, I could not tell one band apart from another, regardless of genre. So I would catch holy hell from different friends of mine when I confused his favorite for another which started with the same letter – specifically, the letter “C.” For a little while, I mixed up The Clash, The Church, The Cult, and The Cure. I also mixed up The Smiths with The Smithereens. Despite the fact none of these bands sound similar, I enjoy all of these bands today.

Quick hits on the Pop Scene
  • If you’re going to have a song called “Party Rock Anthem”, it better be one of the greatest party songs of all time. I mean, you have in the title the words “party,” “rock” AND “anthem.” We’ll have to see if it will stand the test of time. But it is passable for now.
  • I knew that Jennifer Lopez had a hit single for the first time in a decade with “On the Floor.” But when I finally heard the song, I could not tell that she was the singer because her voice was so nondescript on the song. She could be replaced by any marginally talented singer, and most folks probably wouldn’t I’m not a Pitbull fan, but it is more his song than J-Lo’s.
  • I don’t want to do a “Song of the Moment” post every week. But if I did, my next SotM will be “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. I’m a sucker for bells and whistles. The lyrics are a lot darker than you’d think if you pay attention to the music only. I first heard the song a few months ago. It is now getting major airplay on the radio. I guess my point is that I should’ve posted about it back then.
It’s the end of music trivia as we know it…

I’m not sure how many times I’ve heard REM‘s, “It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” before I figured out the last verse. Sadly, it took a trivia question to spell it out to me. I always thought Michael Stipe was being either irreverent or making a brilliant sociopolitical statement way over my head when he starts to name drop. It turns out (and perhaps I’m the last person who realized this) that all Michael was doing was listing people with the same initials, LB. It was only his subconscious that grouped the quartet of: Leonard Bernstein; Leonid Brezhnev; Lenny Bruce; and Lester Bangs. If you please excuse me, I shall slit my throat with Occam’s Razor.


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