Mets fans’ dream now 25% closer to reality

In a move to save some money, as well as some face, Mets owner Fred Wilpon has agreed to sell a part of the franchise to David Einhorn for roughly $200M. It’s too soon to project what this influx of cash will do the on-the-field performance of the team. We can be reasonably sure though of the following: (1) Fred Wilpon can now take the foot out of his mouth and go back to STFU, just like he had been most of the time since 1980; (2) there will be less clamor for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to take over the reigns of this franchise, like he had just recently done with the Los Angeles Dodgers; (3) Bernie Madoff trustee Irving Picard will try get his hands on some of that Einhorn money, by any means he can think of. OK, maybe nit so much on that last one. At the very least, it does temporarily stem back the onrushing tide that is trying to take the Mets back to their rock-bottom days of 1977-1979.


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