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‘The Kangaroo men showing up’ is the new ‘Jump the Shark’

I had a discussion with a film aficionado. The topic was about how certain films get really bizarre all of a sudden. I mentioned that I could review almost every animated feature film from Japan as the following, “You start out with a wacky setting and a strange premise, and strange things happen during the films. And then, somewhere between the two-thirds, and three-quarter mark, things get, really, really weird….” He one-upped me with his synopsis of the 1995 film “Tank Girl.” He prefaces his review by stating that he really enjoys the first half of the film.

And then, the kangaroo men show up, and ruin EVERYTHING!”

Sharks? We don't need no steenking sharks. We can ruin a movie all by ourselves!

At that point, I lose control and crack up. Maybe it was due to the way in which he said it; ranting like he was the son of Lewis Black. What can I say; some folks are just naturally born storytellers. I am not one of them. This gentleman is. To paraphrase an old “M*A*S*H” episode, you need to have lilt and panache. Imagine if that statement above was spoken with the perfect tone of both, because I can’t enunciate it, and what’s more, I can’t describe it.

I still haven’t seen “Tank Girl,” therefore I have no comment on whether or not his critique is valid or not. However, when I finally saw a screenshot of the scene in question, my reaction was, “Holy SHIT, he’s right about the kangaroo men part.” In one of the bigger understatements of the internet, the Wikipedia page describes them as “genetically enhanced super soldiers, infused with kangaroo DNA.” Either that is one of the most polite, politically correct descriptions out there, or that is a new euphemism that the kids are using these days. (Yes, I’m old. I admit it. Now get off of my lawn, you whippersnappers.) It was then I decided that to make as my mission in life, the phrase, “the kangaroo men show up,” the new “jump the shark.” (At least until TV Guide decides to buy my blog.)


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