Quick Review: Thor

Thor is the fourth of at least 5 prequels to Marvel’s The Avengers movie. The only reason it is not painfully obvious is because of the $150M+ budget, and the A-list supporting cast, and writers. Nevertheless, Thor once again proves that one or two scenes do not justify a 3-D treatment. I’ll be honest, if I knew this was a 3-D movie ahead of time, I would have passed, and probably gone to Fast Five.

I am a huge fan of J. Michael Straczynski, ever since “The Real Ghostbusters” back in the mid 80’s. And I notice his version of Asgard has the aesthetics of Minbar, with the political intrigue  of Centauri Prime. Nevertheless, I kinda wish now that they went with Jim Butcher’s version of Asgard instead. I guess I’ll have to wait.

I had fun in playing “Spot the Cameo”, and “Spot the cross-reference.” (Don’t worry folks, I try to sit away from others, in order to be considerate of other moviegoers.) The movie is entertaining, but nowhere near a “must see.” I can not recommend folks to spend the extra money for the 3-D version. If you can find a matinée showing in 2-D, then it’s a worthy investment of your time. Otherwise, wait until it is available to rent. Or better yet, wait until The Avengers is released. My grade = C+


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