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Fast Food Music Power Rankings – only edition

This will be the only time I will list the Power Rankings for Fast Food Music, that is to say: the music that you hear inside fast food restaurants. It is a very short list. Why? Because who am I to disagree with the genius that is the late, great Wesley Willis? Until I hear a song from another punk legend stating otherwise, McDonald’s is the place to rock.


  1. McDonald’s
  2. see #1

“Wheaties, breakfast of champions.”


Obligatory Bin Laden comment: Yes, I am happy that he is dead.  My only nitpick is that his body has been buried at sea. I wanted his head on a pike, planted on top of the Empire State Building to serve as a reminder to terrorists what will happen when you try to fuck with the United States! And I would wave my hand like this….

Oh well, at least Vir got his wish eventually.


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