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NBA Playoffs: The Evil Empire vs The Unholy Alliance

This afternoon, most NBA fans will be glued to their TV sets as the Boston Celtics take on the Miami Heat in the Easter Conference semifinals. Here is my prediction: ESPN will devote 75% of “SportsCenter” on this series, and conveniently forget that there is: (1) a lockout in the NFL going on, pending a Federal appeal; (2) a MLB season in full swing; (3) the Kentucky Derby; (4) a Stanley Cup Playoffs going on; (5) something called Major League Soccer, which all of a sudden, has more franchises in the US than Chiplote’s. Who am I kidding, they forget about numbers 4 and 5 every year. The other 25% will be on the Lakers, Bulls, & Thunder, who apparently are also in NBA conference semifinal series as well.

I’ll go even further: pundits will declare the winner virtual co-defending champions, along with the LA Lakers. And should the winner of this series not win the NBA Finals, the pundits will claim that this series took “so much out of (insert team that won this series).” The number of times the broadcasters will use the words “epic”, and “classic” will be in the triple digits, with the possibility to reach 1000 if we get to a Game 7.

My longshot prophecy – The Second Circuit Federal Court puts an injunction on Stuart Scott, Mike Wilbon, Jalen Rose, and Jon Barry, sparing us from further hyperboles, and ridiculous attempts at waxing poetically. That’s more of a pipe dream, but hey, a man can dream, right?


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