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Rule of Cool for ads: if it’s in a beer commercial, it must be cool

Many hours have been spent by philosophers pondering the following question: why do beer advertisements feature nothing but good songs, while for every other industry (example: cars), it’s a clear case of Your Mileage May Vary? Ironically, many of these debates were held after the consumption of many ounces of beer. The answer is simple enough (read the tile of this post). Or, to put it another way, it is coolness by association. Whatever you thought of a song prior to its use in a beer commercial is rendered moot. Even if that song, or another song by the same band was used in another commercial, their status is automatically elevated. That’s the rule.

If I have to explain why beer commercials are cool, then you obviously have never seen a beer commercial before.

The latest example is “The Golden Age” by Asteriod Galaxy Tour, used by Heineken. My first impression is that the protagonist of this ad looks a lot like Pau Gasol lookalike, Anthony Cumia of the Opie & Anthony Show. Otherwise, The Song Detective summed it up perfectly.


In an unrelated note, I just watched Game 5 of the Nuggets – Thunder series. Kevin Durant is The Closer that Lebron James only can dream of ever becoming. Factoring in Kobe Bryant’s current injury status, Durant might be the #1 go-to-guy in the 4th Quarter of basketball games right now. This observation has been brought to you by The Department of the Fuckin’ Obvious.


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