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AMC realizes Top Gun is the new Rocky Horror

Top Gun banner

I received an email from AMC Entertainment yesterday. The press release was for a special showing for the 25th anniversary of feature-length US Navy recruitment film. The only comment I can add to the discussion of this film is that everyone in this movie was horribly miscast, except for Michael Ironside, who plays the same character he has made famous over and over again. Everything else that can be said about that film was best summarized in this monologue by Quentin Tarantino’s character in the 1994 film “Sleep With Me.”

My open reply to AMC is, “Why stop after one weekend? Make it a year-long event. Have special midnight screenings all across the country, the same way theaters did back in the day for ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ The are an incredible number of similarities between both films. You’ve Lost that Loving Feeling is “Top Gun”‘s Time Warp. Patrons can wear their Ray-Bans and their leather pilot jackets, or go shirtless and bring their beach volleyballs. These costumes can be worn by straights and gays alike. Society has made some progress in the past quarter-century in regards to accepting homosexuality. Come on AMC, let’s ride into the ‘Danger Zone’, and fly that freak flag over your multiplexes.”


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