a Trekker, an Otaku, and a Disnoid walk into a cantina…

I made reference to this in passing at least twice already. It’s about time I gave a full explanation. Fandom loves to name themselves in order to distinguish themselves, i.e.: the hard-core fans, from the casual fans. Star Trek has “Trekkers,” (not “Trekkies, which is a term not christened by fandom). Glee has “Gleeks”. (Really, calling yourselves the same name as the Wonder Twins’ pet space monkey?) And let’s not even start with American Idol contestants. What is apparently lesser known, is that Disney has its own niche of hard-core fans. And they call themselves “Disnoids.” Wait, … am I the last person to know this?

Being a social misfit myself, I thought I was familiar with many of the nerds, geeks, and other outcasts that had their own little niche circle far [otaku], far [furries] the mainstream. I did not know Disney had its own sub-culture; mainly because I was a casual Disney hater. (Casual in the sense that I chose to ignore them, and not obsess to the point of “knowing thy enemy”.) I was, and still am a fan of “Animaniacs,” so I was in the WB camp. It was not until I befriended a self-proclaimed Disnoid that I learned so much about the inner workings behind “The Mouse.” OF course, we had our ongoing debates, but I kinda do that with everyone. Referencing the epic fail that was “Bonkers” in order to get a reaction – that’s what I do. He showed me the unofficial Guide to Disneyworld, so what do I do? I point out the first typo that I can find. (It was in regards to the pricing of the children’s breakfasts at one of the restaurants.) I won’t go more specifics that I learned, because I promised I wouldn’t infringe on his turf. He has his own YouTube channel, and plans to upload his own rants. I hope to one day host a podcast with him on a subject TBD, so I want to stay on his good side.

Today, I am still not a fan of Disney, but I respect the hell out of Disnoids. They hated Eisner more than the outside Disney haters. Their knowledge of Disney trivia is remarkable. And, as long as you don’t tweak them, Disnoids are kind, courteous and very resourceful. So if I’m in that Cantina, and if Obi-Wan nor Han is not around, I’d stay close to the Disnoid. (Or a Vorlon, whichever one’s closer.)


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