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French Fries Power Rankings: April 2011 ed.

Here is the latest version of the French Fries Power Rankings. This is not the same as the Fast Food Advertising Power rankings. This is not about marketing; this is all about the quality of the product. In other words, the proof is in the pudding. This list is a lot shorter because I am not including family style restaurants. If you must, imagine them at the bottom, because their fries stink. Seriously, I choose alternate side orders when I patron those restaurants, and I highly recommend you to do the same. The other reason for the shorter list is my lack of familiarity with many fast food joints. Even with the advent of food courts, some franchises are nowhere near my neck of the woods. Rest assured, if I can add more names to the rankings, I will.

First, the obvious disclaimer: this is only about the french fries, and nothing else from the menu. Sorry if this is redundant, but I learned a long time ago never to underestimate the powers of stupidity. Otherwise, everything else should be straight forward.

  1. McDonald’s – No surprise here. Still the best. If only they served McGriddles all day, I wouldn’t go anywhere else for lunch.
  2. Wendy’s  – Rocketed up the rankings with their new formula. They have closed the gap between McD’s and everyone else. Give it up for sea salt!
  3. Five Guys – They get bonus points for quantity. With their very limited menu, they better get this right. They do.
  4. Arby’s – The best curly fries that I’ve had.
  5. Nathan’s – A little less grease, and they’d be #2 or #3. I’ve always love those 2-pronged forks they come with.
  6. White Castle – Using the same vat for pretty much everything: (fries, onions rings, chicken rings, fish, etc…) seems to improve the taste. Also, I’ve never had cold WC fries. They have always been right out of the vat.
  7. Ranch 1  – Here is the divide between good and average. They got the chicken part down, maybe they can try working on the fries.
  8. Chick-Fil-A – see above.
  9. Jack in the Box – Like other items on their menu, (e.g. tacos), it used to be better. I have no idea for the downward spiral.
  10. Sonic – Like almost everything else on their non-breakfast menu, it’s below average. Tastes bad and bad for you – not a winning combination.
  11. Popeye’s – Overdone. I don’t think this is”cajun style.”
  12. KFC – It’s sad that they can’t get potato wedges right. Also overdone.
  13. Burger King – Last and always least. I really like most everything else on their menu. Except they can’t make good fries or onion rings. Maybe they should use a new oil formula, or something. I never order a value meal because of their terrible fries.

I know there are a whole slew of franchises in the South and the West that I’m missing. The next time I can get out there, perhaps I can include more for the next edition. Suggestions are welcome.


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