Song of the Moment: Adele’s “Rolling in the deep”

Welcome to my Song of the Moment segment, yet another quasi-recurring feature of this blog. This is where I discuss which new songs I am currently listening to. Normally, I would choose a song that would not be playing on three different radio stations within a 90 minute span.

I confess that I initially confused Adele with the woman who sung “American Boy.” I couldn’t understand how critics were raving about the album, 21, when they were using terms like “soulful”, and “gospel.” After that confusion was cleared up, I agree with those that make comparisons between her and Dusty Springfield. And I disagree with those that make comparisons between her and Amy Winehouse, because I hope Adele has lasting power.

I’m feeling magnanimous here, so I’ll throw in another song of the moment. I have never been a big fan of the Verve. The news of their lead singer’s, Richard Ashcroft, solo album left me nonplussed. After hearing his first single, “Are You Ready?,” a few times, I now believe that this is the song “Bitter Sweet Symphony” should have been. All you Verve fans, (and I know there’s way too many of you out there), should love this song.


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