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A rant, and a poem

When it comes to music, I do have weak spots. I am a sucker for bells and whistles. I also used to have a soft spot for vocal distortions. That is, until the advent of Auto-Tune. I loved the concept when it was used by artist as a change-of-pace. Perfect example = “Mr Roboto” by Styx. Now, any two-bit hack, or worse, any drunk skank-ho can apparently get a record deal without possessing any semblance of vocal talent. I believe that the folks that invented Auto-Tune should be out on trial at The Hague for crimes against humanity. Don’t believe me, then I dare you to listen to the entire albums of Ke$ha, Brittany Spears, and Lady Ga-Ga, and tell me that is singing. If word, came out that we were blasting that “music” to the prisoners at Gitmo, I bet Amnesty International, and every other human rights watchdog would be screaming at our President to close that place down ASAP.

A brief disclaimer on the poem: I dab into poetry every now and then, and I must confess that my poetry is fairly crappy. At best, it’s mediocre. I am contemplating to add as a recurring feature, a segment called “Bad Haikus for bad movies.” In this case, however, I am not the author. I do not know who wrote this. I found it lying on the streets. Maybe it fell out of her/his pocket. I think it’s not bad. So whoever you are, take a bow, and I hope you got an “A” in your anatomy class.

Respire  (author unknown)


In, Out
Down the trachea
Through the bronchi
Past the alveolus
Rejuvenating blood

Flowing back to the core
Energized, Pumped
Red currents rush
To and Fro
All corners turned
Circulated thoroughly

The journey is finished
Returned to the heart
Back out the lungs
Awaiting the next breath.


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