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My 30+ year old ear worm

I love jokes. I love music. I love practical jokes. I love musical jokes; cascades; memes; etc. I found Rickrolling to be hysterical back in 2008. I fallen victim to many a practical joke over the years. Save one …. the earworm. Over the years, folks have been trying to get earworm me. Be it “Mahna Mahna”; the Chili’s baby back ribs song; The Trashmen’s “Surfin’ Bird”; or even Rick Astley’s “Never gonna give you up;” there was no way that anyone can get a song stuck in my mind. Why? Because there was already a song stuck in my head since I was a child! And for over three decades, I could not, for the life of me figure it out. It wasn’t the chorus. It wasn’t any of the lyrics. I had no idea how the lyrics went. I didn’t even know what genre it was. All I had was a hook. And that hook was being played in my mind  over, and over, and over again. (Aside: there is a special place in my heart for episode 3 of Cromartie High School – their own earworm episode.) It wasn’t until I was surfing through the Music Choice channels when I finally heard it again. That’s great, but those it end there. Right after that, a new rock station goes on the air in my city, and it’s been in their rotation ever since. Now I hear it on the radio ALL THE TIME! Oh, the song, it’s… “Golden Years” by David Bowie. “Golden years, gold whop whop whop · Golden years, gold whop whop whop…”


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